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What to Expect When Expecting Double

Finding out that you are having twins can be overwhelming. It’s already quite overwhelming welcoming one new baby, much more two! It’s expected that some moms feel afraid. So, we are here to help you understand and prepare for the imminent future.

Usual Concerns
First of all, it is natural to find yourself digesting in the great news that you are about to look after two new tiny babies. When reality sinks in, you will soon feel excited but there are still common concerns that most pregnant women, with twins, worry about. Complications with birth is the main worry of soon to be moms, it is also natural that they fear this. Statistics show though that women giving birth to twins are mostly safe and without major complications.

Women carrying twins also worry about depression. First, women pregnant with twins tend to gain more extra weight than women pregnant with one baby. It is common that pregnant women worry how to lose the extra gained weight after giving birth, so those who are having twins think they also have twice as much to lose.

Statistically, women who planned on having twins less likely suffer from depression. As carrying twins can increase your likelihood of depression, it is advised that you see your doctor more often to monitor how you are doing physically and emotionally.

Getting Equipped
You will want to have all in place so when the tiny ones arrive you are all prepared. Some items can be passed on from previous children or from friends, but there are some that you need to buy specifically for your twins.

Double strollers are essential for twins, so better check them first before the twins arrive. Two cribs, two portable baby strollers, and car seats are essential especially when you need to go around.

It’s quite difficult to choose the best car seats in the market so make sure you have read online reviews first before purchasing.

We need to prepare and plan thoroughly when expecting for two. So invest in things that will make your life as a new mom of twins a lot easier. Since having twins is expensive, it is practical to ask around for second hand items, like clothes, bath products, toys and other things.

If you already have babies before, you surely have some items that your twins can still make use of. But if it’s your first time to be a mom, you need to make sure you have all things necessary. There are so many things to prepare for and it can be overwhelming. So ask experienced mothers and friends to help guide you to build up your essentials so you are completely ready for the much awaited arrival of the twins.